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About Us

About Us

New Forest Fires was started by Lee Thomas in 2014 after nearly a decade of prior experience fitting wood burning stoves and building fireplaces and chimneys for the renowned New Forest Wood Burning Centre. Since setting up on his own, Lee has built on his success by expanding his installation capacity and later on by opening a successful shop in New Milton to showcase the company’s growing suite of products.

To offer a full range of options to his discerning customers, he has now pulled together a team with decades of experience in the stove and fireplace industry. The result is (surely!) the New Forest’s premier stove and fire showroom in a stunning barn-conversion in the heart of the Forest, now fully-stocked and open for business with over 40 appliances on display, with 10 live demonstration models.

The Company ethos is to adopt a can-do, knowledge-led and customer-focused approach to its work. We strive for quality and excellence in everything we do, with a keen eye on remaining competitive and professional in our pricing and conduct.

We aim to use our depth of experience to offer a curated selection of the best products – woodburners, stoves, fires and fireplaces – available in our market, and to showcase them in an attractive, lively and diverse setting. With ten live appliances, we will be able to demonstrate how effective, well-built and controllable our fires are, with a generously-stocked showroom giving ample but not overwhelming choice to the discerning consumer.

We love to hear from customers, so please get in touch with any questions or observations…

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New Forest Fires offers a turnkey service for the sale and installation of some of the best fires, stoves and fireplaces available in the UK. For example, we are currently taking orders for woodburners from Woodwarm, Contura, Chilli Penguin, Clock, Charnwood and Chesneys – some of the best-loved stove brands in Britain and Europe.

Based on a simple understanding that, since the beginning of human history, the hearth has been the heart of the home, our mission is to keep you warm, cosy and satisfied on a cold winter’s night. It’s a job we know and love.

There is nothing quite like coming home to a real fire. If your house sometimes feels cold and heartless, why not pay us a visit and experience the all-round warmth of a state-of-the-art stove or fire for yourself?