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Anatomy of a Clock stove

Let’s have a closer look at our newly-delivered Clock display stoves.

This is the brand-new Sudbury 5 woodburner.

Clock Sudbury 5 wood burning stove
Clock Sudbury 5

The interior is lined with vermiculite bricks for an optimal burn. The holes in the back inject tertiary air for clean combustion. There is a single air control which rotates for precise control.

interior of the Clock Sudbury stove
Sudbury interior

The door closes magnetically for ease of use and minimal interference.

the door handle of a Clock Sudbury stove
Sudbury handle

We also have a beautiful Blithfield Compact 5 in honey-glow brown with handsome brass fittings. The Compact is the smaller version of the Blithfield 5 and is a multifuel stove with a grate and ashpan.

a brown Clock Blithfield Compact 5 woodburner
The Clock Blithfield Compact 5 multifuel stove

It has two air controls, for primary (up-draught) and secondary (air-wash) air injection. The knurled knobs provide good grip and the rotation is firm and comfortable to use.

Hand showing watch turning brass air control on a stove
Rotating air controls

There is a good-size ashpan and a chunky log retaining front bar.

Ashpan of stove
Compact 5 ashpan

The ashpan comes with a holder.

Ashpan and holder of a brown Clock Blithfield Compact stove
Clock Blithfield Compact Ashpan

Next up is the Clock Blithfield DS, a high-output double-sided stove. It has the same positive latch as the Compact and the air controls work the same way. As with most double-sided stoves, the air controls are on one side only of the stove.

View through a Clock Blithfield double-sided stove
Clock Blithfield DS

Both doors are openable and the ashpan is split in the middle and each half can be accessed with holders from each side.

Clock Blithfeild DS stove with one door open
door open

The top of the stove. Each stove comes with a pair of gloves.

top of a Clock Blithfield DS stove and a pair of stove gloves
Bird’s eye view of the Clock Double