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Barbas stoves

From their state-of-the-art factory in the Netherlands, Barbas make every one of their modern, stylish and high-efficiency stoves to order. Their recently-streamlined product line now comprises sleek inset stoves and the outstanding free-standing Box range, which is evolved as a pure minimalist extrapolation of their inset range.

All the stoves are cut and folded from unusually thick 8mm steel – by their own admission, far in excess of any requirement for durability and performance – that makes them singularly robust. They feature a single air control and a square-cut mechanical latch – both can be operated with a proprietary tool or with a bare hand.

Barbas have chosen to line their stoves with hard-wearing ceramic bricks instead of the soft vermiculite boards more commonly used for this purpose.

All the stoves are built to the very highest efficiency standards while maximising versatility of deployment, ease of installation and facility of use, as well as a stark and uncompromising aesthetic and build quality.

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