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Chill Penguin Stoves


After several years as a feisty and quirky up-and-coming outsider, Chilli Penguin has arguably graduated to the big league of top British stove brands. With a proud Welsh heritage and a background in small do-it-all multi-fuel stoves, Chilli Penguin achieved cult status early on. With a range perfectly suited for houseboats and yurts, featuring low flue-draught requirements, hotplate tops and integral ovens, Chilli Penguin established a niche market for enthusiasts, but didn’t rest there.

a camping stove in a yurt - an example of a Chilli Penguin stove
Chilli Penguin’s Chilli Billie

Simple, handsome styling, robust manufacture, solid branding and a flair for marketing have since catapulted them into the top tier. Despite their growth, they have managed to retain a really friendly, family-run vibe.

The stoves

Stoves are made-to-order at Chilli Penguin’s facility in Wales, giving them the rare ability to undertake bespoke variations for customers with unusual requirements. The modular approach they have evolved for their stable of models allows for the addition of ovens, convection panels, log plinths and stainless steel top plates to individual stove sizes, which gives them great versatility.

diagram showing options on Chilli Penguin stoves
Chilli Penguin options

Most stove models have a sturdy grate and solid ashpan with up- and down-draught air controls, but the latest model – the Stock Cube – is wood-burning only and represents a step-change in performance, perhaps a lead-indicator of things to come.

Chilli Penguin's Stock Cube woodburner
Chilli’s Stock Cube

Stove sizes range from the tiny Chilli Billie to the all-singing, all-dancing Eighty-ate, which could heat your stateroom while cooking a Sunday Roast.

Chilli Penguin's Eighty Ate stove with large oven
The Eighty Ate

All stoves can be ordered in the normal plethora of colours, but in Chilli’s case, the options have names like Polar Bear belly and Seal Grey, which are probably going to put a smile on your face. The branding is pretty strong, with Penguin emblems on the front of most stoves. In our experience, this makes them a bit of a Marmite stove, but if you like them, and we do, you’re probably going to love them.

For the Chilli Penguin brochure, click here.