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Clock Woodburners

Clock Woodburners is our youngest stove brand, but there’s nothing brash or unpolished about their outstanding stoves. All Clocks are designed and built right here in the UK. First developed on a Derbyshire farm in 2016, the very first Clock stove was a commission by Blithfield Hall, a Grade 1 listed private home in Staffordshire. The stove was a great success thanks to its simple but considered design, A-grade performance and the unique dial controls that allow it to be easily installed, maintained, used and controlled for years to come.

a Clock (brand) stove
The original Blithfield 5

While Clock Woodburners may be the “new kid on the block” they have picked up many accolades in a short space of time, including the prestigious Appliance of the Year award at the 2018 Hearth & Home exhibition. On the private bulletin boards where stove insiders chat, Clock is frequently name-checked in the top tier of high-performance stoves and is held in high regards within the heating industry at large. Clock have also innovated and excelled when it comes to emissions and clean burning technology. Their double-sided stove is the first to not only meet the 2022 Ecodesign emissions standards, but to exceed the criteria by as much 70%.

With confidence in their design, and responsive to market feedback, Clock have sensibly kept their stove range tight and disciplined with well-considered additions. The original multi-fuel Blithfield 5 was supplemented with a Compact 5 model for smaller fireplaces.

Clock Blithfield Compact 5 stove
The Compact 5

There’ a gas version of the Blithfield for those who can’t have a woodburner.

The Blithfield 8 and Blithfield Double heat larger rooms and the Brocksford is an impressive sally into the contemporary stove field and gives a stylish British twist to a style dominated by the Scandinavians.

a double-sided Clock stove
The double-sided Blithfield DS

New to market this autumn is the gorgeous Sudbury – a pure woodburner with a massive glass window and seriously good looks.

Clock Sudbury woodburner
Clock’s Sudbury woodburner

Clock have cemented their place as a leading British stove manufacture with everything – from parts fabrication, assembly, hand-finishing, shipping and aftercare – done here in the UK. Already, they’ve become one of our customers’ favourites.

For the Clock Stoves brochure, click here.