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Contura Stoves

Contura stoves are our red-hot, cool blast from Scandinavia.

Unapologetically modern, visually striking and technically perfectly-suited to all kinds of free-standing installations, this Swedish range of stoves delivers a comprehensive package for anyone seeking the Scandinavian look with top-flight performance.

White Contura 510G, Contura's flagship stove model
Contura 510G in white

Contura is owned by NIBE, a Swedish industrial behemoth, and is Sweden’s biggest stove company. Over the years, they absorbed Handol – Sweden’s oldest stove company – and the combined rubric of heritage and modernity defines them well. Based in Markaryd in southern Sweden, Contura designs, builds, warehouses and markets its stoves in-house and on-site. Nearly the whole town works for NIBE, and this combination of talents and concentration of processes allows them to build and store stoves in the tens of thousands for distribution all over Europe.

Their flagship model – the 510 – has been replicated in the hundreds of thousands, but its ubiquity hardly makes it commonplace. Contura is design-led and each stove model is extensively customisable, with multiple options to suit the end-user. Customers can select log-stores, pedestals or compartments underneath the firebox, fan-assisted convection, side glass and a vast range of other cosmetic and functional variations.

Contura 51 stove, a very popular model in the UK
Contura 51 woodburner

The line-up runs from subtly updated classics like the (ex-Handol) 51 – long a UK favourite, to the latest iteration on the barrel-shaped 510, which is packed with thoughtful technology to assist in an efficient and extra-clean-burning enjoyment of the stove.

Diagram of the automatic start function on Contura's stoves, an example of the company's use of technology.
Contura automatic start function

Recent additions include geometric rectangular stoves with a wide panoramic aspect, and stunning two- and three-sided inset stoves and built-in fires. Proprietary research has yielded in-house variations on ceramic glass that result in a stunningly clean fireview and elevated combustion chamber temperatures.

Contura i8 woodburner, an example of a 3-sided woodburning stove
the 3-sided Contura i8G

There are many different models with with important functional differences and diverse heat outputs, and sometimes the sheer volume of choice can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help if that’s the case. There’s usually a good reason for the scale of choice – whatever your requirements, there’ll be a Contura to suit.

Contura are always researching and improving, but although some stove models have been updated on a number of occasions, Contura do undertake to ensure that spare parts will remain available for a long time after a variant is retired from production.

And if the company ever begins to look a little bit corporate, it’s worth bearing in mind, when you flick through the brochure, that all of the humans pictured in the pages are Contura employees. It’s a reminder that for all of Contura’s technological prowess and industrial might, it’s still a business driven and optimised by the real passion of real people.

For Contura’s stove brochure, click here.

Family enjoying their Contura stove.
Contura 556 woodburner