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Woodwarm Stoves

Woodwarm have a hard-earned reputation as the Rolls Royce of the stove world. Thoughtfully conceived, impeccably constructed, rigorously tested and relentlessly refined, Woodwarm has become a watchword for quality.

They’ve been producing stoves since 1974, which in British stove-industry terms, is practically pre-history. They are justifiably proud that many of these earliest stoves are still in use nearly fifty years later, so robust is their construction. It is also a testament to the company’s holistic and long-term approach to customer service that these appliances are still in use. All models are built in Devon from the finest steel and carry a 10-year guarantee.

Woodwarm Wildwood stove in a room
Woodwarm Wildwood

Four core stove ranges – Fireview, Phoenix, Foxfire and Wildwood – offer dozens of permutations and size options, with outputs ranging from the modest 4kW Firewren to the goliath 20kW Fireview. For those who prefer the convenience of gas, but would still like a handsome stove, there is also a tidy selection of gas models to choose from.

With an awesome air-wash system, Woodwarm stoves enjoy exceptional clean-burning. Used with the correct fuel, the door glass should stay pristine when the stove is in use. Their ease of lighting and controllability is legendary.

Woodwarm Phoenix stove alight in a fireplace
Woodwarm Phoenix

The Eco models are all rated to the stringent requirements of clearSkies Level 5, meaning minimal emissions and maximal efficiency.

For a top-flight British stove, look no further.

For the Eco stove brochure, click here.

For the Fireview, Wildwood and Foxfire Range Brochure, click here.

Woodwarm Fireview stove alight
Woodwarm Fireview